What makes Polyglots different?

Children in Calgary have a tremendous opportunity to learn a language by attending Spanish, German and Mandarin bilingual schools or French immersion programs. Although these programs are wonderful, they do have their limitations. According to studies on Bilingual education, researchers find that despite having advanced functional proficiency in the second language, immersion students’ second language skills are not native like. They make persistent grammatical errors, have a limited range of vocabulary, and their usage is not idiomatic. These findings speak to the need for immersion students to have opportunities to use the target language with native speakers outside school if they want to achieve native-like competence.

Polyglots seeks to address this deficiency. We engage children in language-rich learning opportunities in a variety of settings and in an atmosphere of play. In small groups, children rotate through a variety of centres that provide different settings for them to learn vocabulary and grammar. They engage in songs, stories, games, drama and play from a caring adult who is fluent in the target language. In this way, children learn to speak, not just understand. Meanwhile, they have so much fun that they don’t even realize they are learning!

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