Happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday, Canadians celebrate the harvest season and give thanks for all they have. With English and French as the two official languages in Canada, many of us know how to say, “Thank you very much” in these two languages. With more Canadians speaking two languages now then ever before according to the census data, for many English or French is not their native tongue. Do you know what languages are most widely spoken across Canada?

The chart below shows the top ten languages most spoken in Canada. It also shows where that language is ranked worldwide.

Ranking in CanadaRanking by Native
Speakers Around the World
LanguageNumber of People who speak
this language in Canada
651Tagalog (Filipino)510,425

With so many different languages being used in our country, we want to share how to say “Thank you very much” in ten different languages. This little video compilation includes many of the languages in the above table. We have also included Russian and Japanese which don’t rank within the top ten in Canada. However they rank as having the 7th and 8th most native speakers worldwide.

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